• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

A Day of Mystery Activities

"Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it 'The Present'. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Everyone loves a good mystery, and since the kids are home, plan a fun day of mystery keeping skills and fun alive the entire day.

Below are a few ideas for a fun day of mystery.

I write a series for kids, The Adventures of Abby Diamond, so kids can help Abby and her friends solve the mysteries surrounding them. Check out our Abby Diamond books 10.00 each. Abby Diamond #6 will be out soon in, "Hiding in Plain Sight". Can you write a mysterious storyline for Abby and her friends?

Abby Diamond is blind, so we incorporate braille into our book signings. Go to braillebug.org and write a secret code in printed braille.

A detective may use a magnifying glass to search for clues. Go to Pinterest and make a magnifying glass using materials around your house.

Google search the Morris Code and write someone a secret message.

Make a fingerprint kit. Simply mix 1/4 cup starch powder with 1/4 cup baby powder. Also, check out various ways through youtube channels.

Hide objects around the house and write down clues using the Morris Code.

Create your own secret hideout in the house. Could it be under a table or inside of a closet? Take a healthy snack with you and see how long before finds your secret hideaway.

Make a mystery snack. Pour cereal, nuts, and raisins into a bowl. Blindfold someone in the house and see if they can guess the ingredients.

Write a mystery story. Look through your games and collect game pieces for a game of mystery you create from your mystery story.

What is your favorite movie that has a mystery? Watch the movie and make a poster of details from the story.

Remember to enjoy today, after all, like First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said. "Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present."



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