• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

All Children are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

"Love is the root of everything~ all learning. All Parenting. All relationships. Love or the lack of it"~ Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)

Friends/ clients of mine have been sending me hilarious TikTok videos of parents teaching their children at home since the pandemic of cornavirus. They humbly make fun of themselves in roles they are not accustom to doing daily.

They frequently remind me now how much they admire teachers and how the art of teaching is not as easy as it looks. What looks like play, is often well-thought out carefully prepared lessons looking more like nonsense than learning objectives and life-long skills for success.

Some of my favorite Instagram parents and educators have me filling my notebook with ideas that will teach testing and state mandated skills but without the stress. However, and more importantly, it is though parents instinctively are teaching life lessons on listening, caring, loving, patience and sharing.

Play.inquire.make.learn, Freckled Frog, Montessorifromtheheart and others fill their pages with activities demonstrating how teaching is best done through a natural process with items in nature or items around the house. Fun and learning is literally right in your backyard.

"To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage" was once stated by W. Clement Stone (businessman and philanthropist). Watching social media the past month, I see what I have always known~ the bottom line with kids when learning anything, is the love they feel from parents, teachers, friends and family members teaching them.

When kids know they are loved for who they are and not for what they can do, they develop incredible self-confidence and will naturally be a successful person. Success in this context means prosperity in a variety of ways. Not necessarily financial gain (although that could be a part of it) but prosperity with relationships and making the world a better place.

LakePointe pastor, Josh Howerton, delivered a powerful speech on this very topic this past weekend. It is well worth your time to watch. https://www.lakepointe.org/watch/?utm_source=icampus&utm_medium=messages (I also noticed a children's video section)

Like Fred Rogers humbly stated, "Love is the root of everything".



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