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Brown Bear, Brown Bear's At-Home Fun

Brilliant writer, Dr. Bill Martin, Jr. wrote many skill enhancing children's picture books for kindergarten age children. With his large colorful illustrations, rhythmic writing style, children are glued to the words, the illustrations and rhyming patterns of his work.

Jamille Smith is reading books on audio and she works for me at Educational Solutions- she is also my mother. After listening to Jamille's audio, I have written activities from a small, fantastic book encompassing subjects across the curriculum.

The cool thing about children's books is even older children and adults enjoy the stories. When I taught 7th grade English, my co-worker, Rita Huddleston, taught me how to teach numerous grammar skills using these fun and entertaining books while incorporating higher-order skills.

Rita was, and still is, one of the best teachers I ever worked with in my career.

The audio is below the activities, so please be sure to check it out.

Activities for Brown Bear, Brown Bear

1. Introduce the term, Alliteration. Alliteration is when sounds repeat in words enticing the child's brain to be interested. Ask the child to make up his own examples of alliteration like, Carley's Cute Cupcake, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Lilly's Lollipop and other examples.

2. Google search where brown bears live in the United States. Print off a copy of the United States and have the kids to mark the places where brown bears may be found.

3. Ask the children to see if the can recite the animals in the story in sequence.

4. Call of the name of an animal from the story like the yellow duck. Time the kids to find yellow objects in the house and bring them to you.

5. Google search other great books by Dr. Bill Martin, Jr. and similar book by Eric Carle.

6. Teddy Bears have been popular for years- Did you know the first teddy bear was named for President Theodore Roosevelt? What information can you find out about the president and the teddy bears? Write a play complete with creative outfits.

7. The teacher in the story "sees" all the kids in her classroom. Who is your favorite teacher and why? How does she or he "see" kids in class?



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