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Examples of Homeschool Scheduling

Updated: Mar 19

I have been reading about amazing virtual field trips and activities while homeschooling during the coronavirus. The ideas are fabulous and I will list them below. Thanks to Facebook and my two friends, Casey Allen, Karen Nix and others for these great ideas.

While activities are what we need for our children to continue learning while at home, scheduling can be a lifesavor for familes to have some structure.

Below are a few ideas, so there may be balance throughout the day.

The activities below are for indoor activities, however, when the weather permits, scheduling will be that much easier.

8:00-8:30- Breakfast

8:30-9:00- Children select a book and picture walk through the pages if younger, or read a chapter if older. Illustrate using a dry erase board or paper one idea from what was seen.

9:00-10:30- Creative Arts, Stem Activities, any fun hands-on lesson

10:30-11:30- Math- I love to create designs of various shapes. The students will create their own math problems inside the shapes. (I'll post a picture of this activity). Another great idea for younger students is to let them count the pillows in the house. Show them how to make tally marks. Line up pillows and create an obstacle course for indoor physical and math activities.

11:30-12:00- Lunch

12:00-2:00- Movie or Music Time

2:00-3:00- Ask your child to grab 10-15 items from the house and create a story of characters, plot and settings for the inanimate objects. Teach them the word, "Personification" meaning inanimate objects.

Links: 77 (MORE) Simple STEM Activities for Families, 30 Day LEGO Challenge, 177MILKSTREET.COM, KIDSACTIVITIESBLOG.COM, 60+ BEST MATH WEBSITES (weareteachers.com) Coding for kids: CODEWIZARDSHQ.COM and THEEDUBLOGGER.COM



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