• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

It Is All About the Way They Feel

Updated: Mar 13

I had a parent ask a good question the other day.

"How do I get my child to enjoy reading?"

My first thought was for enjoyment. You build up the characters, the setting and ask the child to "picture walk" through the story. Then ask what they think may happen later in the story.

Read to them, so anxiety levels are lower.

When good emotions are on the surface, long-lasting learning will take place.

You have to laugh with the characters, make a project for them, and truly make an emotional connection with fiction or non-fiction characters.

Positive good feelings must emerge before a child can learn skills. If they are stressed, or you are, forgot learning for the moment. Go out and do something else, then get back to reading and writing for fun!

Since there is testing and more testing now, children have difficulty using their imagination turning fictional characters into someone they can relate to, so play is even more crucial.

Just like last week's birthday boy, Dr. Seuss, so eloquently wrote,

"It's not about what it is... It is about what it can become."

There are times when you need to play first, stir up good emotions, then bring a positive attitude to the story.



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