• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

My Mom's Reading for the Week

"Where the Wild Things Are"

My mother, Jamille, will be reading a story weekly while we are being quarantined, and it is our hope you and your children can enjoy a fun story by author, Maurice Sendak. I have always been such a huge fan of his. His books are wonderful and his poetry is incredible. Kids love his stories as do adults.

After listening to the story, below is a list of activities I hope your kids can do through play and learning. Long-lasting learning takes place during fun and play!


1. Ask comprehension questions like, "Why was Max sent to bed?" "Do you believe this could happen?" Is the story fiction or non-fiction?

2. Set up a hut using blankets, chairs or tables. Out of construction paper, make a campfire. Discuss the word, "rumpus".

3. Make a meal of finger foods for the rumpus.

4. Make a mask like Max's from paperplates and colors.

5. Role-play the story. What happened first, second, and third.

6. Use the word, "mischievous" in a sentence. Now, create a short story about someone who is mischievous. Decorate popsickle sticks to become one of your characters.

7. The word "gnash" has a silent g. Write down words you know with silent letters.

8. Draw wild characters and name them.

9. Rewrite the story story. Will you allow him to stay on the island? Or go back home? Why?

10. Get two bars of soap, Ivory and Dove. One will float. Which one will sink and which one will sink? Make a sailboat out of the one that floats.



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