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Reading, "The Little Red Hen" and Recipes for Kids

Jamille Smith reads another favorite children's book. The LIttle Red Hen by Paul Galdone, teaches a crucial lesson on the benefits of pulling your own weight and helping others.

It is important for kids to enjoy a story while learning social skills, so they can become well-developed citizens with a love of books.

Activity Fun after listening to, "The Little Red Hen" by Paul Galdone.

1. Select five words from the story the child may have difficulty learning. Talk about the words, spell the words and make silly sentences from the harder vocabulary.

2. Sequence the order of how the hen got the food ready for harvesting and preparation. Ask your child to role play the characters from the story.

3. Why is important to work as a team? Ask your child to illustrate on a dry erase board, on paper or on the sidewalk, what team work looks like. What are the benefits of working together?

4. The little red hen gathered all the ingredients and made and ate a cake at the end of the story. @cakebycourtney.com, she recommends the recipe book, Julia, Child by Kyo Maclear, I Love Cake by Tammi Sauer and Rude Cake by Rowboat Watkins.

5. This time of year, the sugary, Peeps, are in stores. Place the ducks on a paper plate and let shower the ducks with sugar using a small spoon- (Great for fine motor skills).

6. Rewrite the story where the animals want to help the little red hen and create a surprise ending.

7. Ask the children to make a new story about The Little Red Hen's life. Video tape the story.

8. Hide ingredients around the house. Ask your child to read the clues and search for the items before creating a delicious cake.

9. Rake the dirt and role play the hen raking in the story.

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