• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

Spunky Little Monkey

By: Dr. Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson

Spunky Little Money is a favorite of many teachers, parents and kids! Dr. Bill Martin Jr. and Dr. Michael Sampson created a fun and easy-to-follow children's book helping kids to read fluently and more confidently.

Repetitive books gran assurance in a child's brain what is coming next. Transitioning from one position to the next is non-threatening and allows a child to participate with the story physically, emotionally, auditorily and visually. When children connect with a story with the five senses, long-lasting learning will last a lifetime.


1. While Jamille reads the story, have your child act out the motions they monkeys are doing: clapping, stomping, shaking and head-turning.

2. After you read the story, ask kids to name in sequence what the monkeys are doing in order. Next, ask for three sentences from the children using signal and sequence words: first, second and third.

3. Using pots, pans and wooden spoons, ask your child to create a band.

4. Reinforce why the authors used exclamation points throughout the story. Create unique exclamation points with sidewalk chalk. Make your exclamation points colorful!

5. Spunky and monkey are rhyming words. Make a collage of words and pictures that rhyme and display them in house.

Add in geography by locating monkeys from different continents. Identify the types of monkeys and where they live.

Did you notice the consonant blends in the story? Sp, cl, and others? Make a list of consonant blends add other letters and create your own words.



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