• Kristie Smith, M.Ed

The Grouchy LadyBug Reading

Jamille Smith, has another great reading from the book, The Grouchy Ladybug. Written by Eric Carle, this book is repetitive which is the best way for kids to embrace a good piece of literature.

Enjoy the story and hopefully, the following activities will encourage children to love the wonderful world of books.


1. The ladybug is grouchy and wants to fight others. However, when the insects and animals do not back down, she does. How does the ladybug remind you of bullies?

2. Write an anti-bullying slogan and illustrate a logo against bullying.

3. Eric Carle sequences his story about what will happen next. How are the characters' responses alike and how are they different?

4. Research the legend of the ladybug and see if you can find a spiritual connection to the ladybug.

5. Make a ladybug using household items. Research the different types of ladybugs. How many spots are on their back? Does it vary?

6. Read the poem, "Ladybug" by Maria Fleming.


Ladybugs all dressed in red

Strolling through the flowerbed.

If I were tiny just like you

I'd creep among the flowers too!

What example of personification does Maria Fleming use? How does the ladybug take on the role of a person?




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