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The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Updated: May 1

Simms Tabak has written a host of funny, entertaining and repetitive books kids love to hear over and over again.

When my mother, Jamille, read the story of the week, I began thinking of numerous fun outdoor activities for kids to do after listening to this great piece of literature.

Activities for There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

1. Write down the sequence of the animals the old lady swallowed. Who did she swallow first, second, third... identify the words as sequential or signal words.

2. Go on a nature walk with your journal. Record animals and insects that you hear or see. Make a video of your walk.

3. Research flies on the internet. How many different types of flies can you identify?

4. Take out the sidewalk chalk and illustrate the animals the old lady ate in order. Use a variety of colors.

5. The old lady should eat healthy foods. Create a menu for the old lady. Go outside and select tactile objects to place on your menu like grass, sticks, small rocks...

6. Ask for old socks and create an an old lady from a sock. Next, create the animals from the story from construction paper. Role play the story using the puppets of the old lady swallowing the fly.

7. Create a new story for the old lady and rewrite what she is having for dinner.

Sequencing in reading and writing is important for order and clarity as it is in most subjects.

Teach through fun, and the skills will naturally follow.



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