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What Helps Our Students Learn

After our clients come in from after school to Educational Solutions, the last thing they want to do is more reading, writing and math.

However, without their awareness, we have talked to their teachers and parents ahead of time and play through the skills.

My mother, Jamille, takes them for 15 minutes for traditional reading and writing with the skills they are working on in school, and then sends them through the magic door to more learning through play.

Once they come into the second room we use the following cool materials from Melissa&Doug, Lakeshore Learning and other great educational companies.

The second room is my room where we have scores of items enticing imaginations- we have created a shopping mall, a vet facility, a police station with Legos, a grocery store, a craft center, and once, an entire ocean with fishing pools and toy fish from Melissa&Doug.

The cash register from Lakeshore is a favorite as well.

The skills covered: reading menus, counting money, socialization, language, poetry, geography with our light-up globe, writing on the walls or the dry erase board from Melissa&Doug.

What is cool is our rooms are very small but that only seems to encourge our students' imagainations!

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