Abby Diamond is girl detective, who happens to be blind.  She, along with her four best friends, solve the mysteries surrounding them. 

Abby is the true mystery solver in this group of friends

Andrea is the brains

Alison- the long lost daughter of a famous movie star

Neils- a funny red head who is full of mischief

Jaxson- a funny lovable hillbilly who is not as tough as he seems

Glen- a.ka., "the parrot" as he mimicks everything Jaxson does or says.  Glen is sweet but has no mind of his own


Follow the group as they begin to find mystery letters written in braille, and uncover more mysteries in the series of The Adventures of Abby Diamond. 

The Adventures of Abby Diamond- Out of Sight!



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    @2020 Kristie Smith, M.Ed